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Student Spotlight

Kylie Hooker

Colerain High School / Engineering

College Major: Electro Mechanical Engineering

Future Career: Aviation Electrical Systems Engineer

Why did you take Engineering at Butler Tech Colerain and how could it help you in the future with your career aspirations?

“It all started in 8th grade when I took a STEM class and I was programming small robots, and I thought it was really cool. Freshman year I decided to join Intro to Robotics with Mrs. Arnsperger. She convinced me to join the after school Vex robotics team. When I was there I had a lot of hands on experience with designing and building robots. The team was mentored by senior class students that convinced me to check out the junior and senior robotics program. I was excited to hear about the opportunity to earn my Associates Degree while in high school. They also told me about their classmates that were on co-op at local companies. This made me realize that it would be a really good opportunity to put on my resume for college or even a job. Since I joined the program I really enjoyed learning about Boolean logic in both Excel and MathCad. I’ve learned how to process data in Excel with graphs and charts. The Engineering program helped me learn more design principles about both mechanical and electrical systems through the labs and after school activities. I find planes to be very fascinating and I would like to design and build the parts one day. I enjoyed working with the teachers and mentors that taught me a lot. Being in the Lab, getting the hands on experience is what I really enjoy. I hope to one day start my experience in Aviation Electrical Systems Engineer".