January 2022

Pontem Leap Company Interview

Our students interviewed companies to collect information about their expectations for the Advanced Manufacturing Facility. Questions were focused on what area students should develop their skillset best to accommodate their workforce needs best. Key points were made about employers need for students with both manufacturing and programming blended skill sets.

November 2022

Mazak Facility Tour

We brought 31 students ranging from freshman - seniors to Mazak. During our tour students saw a wide range of large scale machines for a variety of applications. Some of the machines featured were the size of a typical high school classroom. They showcased robotic systems that indexed parts that would mimic the footprint of Colerain High School's main building. One application that peaked the students interest was the hybrid machine that offered welding and machining capabilities due to the integration of Lincoln Electric products that related to our recent guest speaker presentation. We were also joined by Class of 2015 alumni Nolan Schwaeble.

November 2022

StandardAero Facility Tour

We partnered with StandardAero to tour their facility and learn about their manufacturing processes. Students got a close up look at machine operations such as thermal spray & shot peening, nondestructive inspection, & coordinate measurement machine (CMM). Students also identified practices for minimizing waste such as inspection machines next to their manufacturing setups to save transportation time & prevent wasting time from teardown and reset up. Students concluded the field trip with an Augmented Reality Trainer & photo op. Special thanks to Tim Newman for setting up a great field trip opportunity for our students!

November 2022

Colerain & Northwest High School Tours

Colerain & Northwest High School sophomores toured our lab and encouraged to apply to the program. Our students did a robot demonstration with our 2022 Robot Onyx. Sophomores introduced to CAD drawings, laser manufacturing, 3D printing, and our CCP program. We gave away 3D printed kit card rockets for students to assemble.

November 2022

Miami University Regional Presentation

Miami University Regional campus staff presented about engineering college opportunities and career paths for students to consider. They provided an electrical kit activity for students to use a schematic to wire a light chaser on a breadboard.

November 2022

Lincoln Electric Guest Speaker

A member of our local community and regional salesman for Lincoln Electric presented to juniors and seniors about career opportunities offered at Lincoln Electric. Students were highly interested in the 3D printing robots and post processing roles.

November 2022

Vex Robotics Competition

Students attended a Vex robotics competition hosted by the 2021-2022 World Champions to learn about the 2022-2023 Vex robotics competition game Spin Up. Students were inspired by other schools designs to create their own robot for this years competition.

November 2022

Pontem Leap Advisory Meeting

Students, teachers, & community partners came together to discuss the outlook for a new Advanced Manufacturing Center. The facility looks to further facilitate students earning industry credentials across program lines. For example students currently training to specialize in welding could earn a certification in programming industrial robotics preparing them for a career field in programming welding robotics in the future.

October 2022

GE Additive Tour

We partnered with GE Additive to tour their facility and learn about their manufacturing processes, design practices, and job opportunities. We discussed with their engineers how to optimize our CAD models, light weighting patterns, and material properties. Their engineers also showed us Laser, Binder Jet, & Electron Beam metal 3D printers. We discussed the pros and cons of each style of printer based on our design intent. We will look to partner with them for our upcoming build season to improve our manufacturing and design capabilities.

October 2022 - Present

Dodgeball Tournament Fundraiser

FRC Team 144 hosted a dodgeball tournament open to the community. During the event teams could stop by the team information booth to learn more about the robotics programs available at Colerain. Attendees requested the event to be held annually. We have been joined by teachers and administrators from across our district as well as local FRC teams such as 1038 Lakota Robotics & 325 Respawn Robotics.

October 2022

P&G Aspire

Students participated in design challenges as part of a competition among Cincinnati area students. Students could also apply for internship opportunities to work for P&G.

September 2022 - Present

8th Grade Parent Night

Colerain High School hosted an event for 8th grade parents to visit our high school to learn about extra curricular activities they can get involved with such as our Vex & FIRST Robotics teams. We handed out our team brochure with QR codes to our website & information about our Associates Degree program. We attracted people to our table with our team guitar that was designed and built by our 2022 senior class.

April 2022

University of Cincinnati Senior Capstone Design Expo

We partnered with seniors at the University of Cincinnati & Class of 2017 FRC Team 144 graduates Ben DeNoma and Nick Poulos to design and build a custom swerve module for their senior capstone project. The module was proven to be reliable through the 2022 competition season. Members of the FRC community raved about its design and would like to see it on the market. The team will look to work with suppliers to discuss the feasibility of bringing the modules to market. With the success of this years project the staff from the University of Cincinnati expressed interest in continuing this partnership next year. Their work will be published by their advisor

The swerve drive module placed 1st in the Mechanical Engineering Technology Category. Congrats to Ben & Nick!

Mar 2022

Sinclair Courseview Campus Tour

We were invited to tour Sinclair's Mason Courseview Campus. Students were able to walk through and interact with Sinclair's Automation labs including robot work cells, electronics equipment, and small classrooms. Students were presented with information about college programs and pathways available to them. College advisors spoke about scholarship opportunities and college credits they could earn while in high school.

With a significant level of interest from students to attend an engineering program at the University of Cincinnati, Sinclair advisers recommended checking out the credit transfer portal for their Sinclair credits.

March 2022


We were invited to present at the Monfort Heights Elementary School STEAM night. At the presentation our students demonstrated our 2021 robot Kyber for students to observe the machines functions, and inspire them to learn more about to learn about STEAM related fields. Our students answered questions about our FIRST robotics and Vex robotics programs offered at Colerain High School.

This event was especially challenging as it was lead by 1st year program students without a mentor, due to our teams need to prepare for competition in a remote lab space and our teacher being pulled away for the high school parent conference night.

Feb 2022

Northwest Local School District Board Meeting

We were invited to present at the Northwest Local School District Board meeting. Students presented this years robot as part of a demonstration. Students took turns presenting key features of this years design, using visual references from the robot and our team's build blog. Board members were impressed with the students level of technical knowledge, and life skills. We went on to answer questions from the board, and share alumni success stories that date back to the graduating class of 2011. A member of the community from the audience also stepped up to share their perspective of the program, and wanted to highlight the program was more than building a robot.

Link to Board Meeting Video: https://youtu.be/_eCWwtCBzpw?t=914

Ending comments from the Board Members: https://youtu.be/_eCWwtCBzpw?t=4180

Jan 2022

Butler Tech Advisory Breakfast

We were invited to a breakfast event from Butler Tech. The goal of the meeting was to bring together students, teachers, industry partners, and stakeholders to talk about career technical education. Students talked about their experience that led them to career tech, industry mentors talked about desired skills for coops, and P&G presented a wide range of job opportunities that will be available to students in a wide range of programs offered at BT.

Fall 2021

P&G Aspire

Students participated in design challenges as part of a competition among Cincinnati area students. Students could also apply for internship opportunities to work for P&G.

May 2021

BT Board Meeting Presentation

FRC team members demonstrated our 2021 robot, Kyber, at the Butler Tech Board Meeting in front of superintendents for all of Butler Tech's districts. Students talked about their experience in the robotics program and their post graduation plans.

April 2021

MHE Presentation

ROCK 144 team members took a trip to Monfort Heights Elementary School to inspire Elementary students to learn more about STEM programs and what it takes to build a robot. They set up stations for classes to visit focusing on robot demonstrations, manufacturing, programming, prototyping, and 3D modeling.

Feb 2021

BT Administrator Presentation

The superintendent and the assistant superintendent from Butler Tech stopped by the lab to check out our progress this year. Our team C.O.O. described this years challenges to Mr. Graft and Mr. Sprankles. The students explained the spirit of FRC “It’s not about who’s the best. It’s about getting better with your team. Gracious Professionalism is what we focus on”

The students went on to describe the technical aspects of the competition and how we are planning to address each of the challenges for this year. Mr. Graft was impressed with our students technical documentation and our senior class presenters. The documentation was so thorough that he mistook it for a professional kit we assembled. Which lead us to the signature comment of "Its not your kids Lego kit anymore."

Fall 2019 - Present

Student Showcases

Students create a showcase project they want to share with the community that is meaningful to them. Students explain the motivation behind the project and why it is meaningful to them.

Fall 2019 - Present

Dodgeball Tournament Fundraiser

FRC Team 144 hosted a dodgeball tournament open to the community. During the event teams could stop by the team information booth to learn more about the robotics programs available at Colerain. Attendees requested the event to be held annually.

Fall 2019 - 2020

QL+ Project

Since 2019, our lead mentor, Ray Frank, has advised senior students from Xavier University and the University of Cincinnati on their Senior Capstone Projects. Projects to date have included a Convertible Scooter Cover, and a Prosthetic Leg Adaption.


Fall 2018 - Present

Vex Team

Since 2018, FRC Team 144 has supported multiple Vex robotics teams at Colerain High School. The program now has 4 teams, 14441A, 14441B, 14441C, & 14441D. The program was started to attract younger students to the areas of STEM. Involvement with Vex has helped with student recruiting and introducing engineering fundamentals. The teams consist of freshman and sophomores. The teams are mentored by the juniors and seniors that participate in FRC.

Fall 2020 - Present

Build Blog

We created a build blog that we update during our build season. We actively document our progress of our build after each session, sharing highlights of the work session. This was originally started as a means to keep students that were excluded from in person work sessions due to COVID exposure to stay involved with the build process.

Summer 2018

P&G Hack-a-thon

During our 2018 spring break P&G graciously invited 5 of our students to a Hackathon at their robotics lab exclusively for FRC teams. We were broken up into groups and given different problems to solve. One of the sub-teams with ROCK students won the competition and had their solution implemented globally in P&G's packing lines.

Fall 2018

Middle School Math & Science Night

Our high school team members worked alongside middle school students to solve design problems with Legos.

June 2018

Dayton Air Show

In June of 2018, FRC Team 144 was invited to present their robot and talk about FIRST at the Dayton Airshow. At the airshow the team drove the robot and showed off what it could do. The team spoke with visitors and engaged them in a discussion about STEM, FRC and FIRST.

Summer 2018

Miami Middletown STEM Tours

The Middletown branch campus of Miami University, invited FRC Team 144 to host a presentation at their middle school STEM day. At this event about 600 middle schoolers came to Miami Middletown throughout the day. Our team presented on STEM robotics, CAD, 3D Printing and the future of technology. Our goal was to inspire kids and assist them in realizing that they can be the future technology leaders and create the future.

Spring 2018

TechSolve Presentation

ROCK 144 was invited by the regional director of FIRST, Katie Dunn to speak at meeting of regional business leaders, about what FIRST does and what we as students do. The topic of our presentation was about the talent pipeline adn "ideal candidates" that FRC provides and how these local businesses that specialize in everything from education, computers, defense, and healthcare, can use FIRST to get the qualified, hardworking employees they desperately need.

Spring 2018

Additive Manufacturing Symposium

Team 144 was very pleased to be invited to the Additive Technology Business Symposium. The symposium was a conference of business and technology leaders hoping to help make Cincinnati the epicenter of additive manufacturing technology. Hosted by Cincinnati State and the University of Cincinnati, it provided a unique perspective on 3D printing technology and business to our students. The symposium addressed education and how there is a great need for people that have skills that FIRST can provide.


C-STEM Girls Coding Camp

Since 2014, The ROCK has prided itself in its involvement in C-STEM. The C-STEM Girls of Coding Camp is an all girls coding camp for academically at risk girls that we volunteer and sponsor. The majority of the girls on our team have volunteered at this event for the past few years.

Fall 2014

University of Cincinnati Board Presentation

Alumni from FRC team 144 & 1038 worked together to present to members of the University of Cincinnati about the FIRST Robotics Competition as a STEM program in Cincinnati. The University was impressed with the presentation. The university president worked with our teams to create 25 $2,000 scholarships for incoming freshman. They also supported the creation of a T-shirt cannon robot project lead by the students from the board presentation.

Summer 2012 - 2017

May We Help

Volunteer engineers, designers, inventors, makers and artisans create adaptive equipment for people with disabilities at no cost to the client. Our students have taken various projects over the years such as bike adaptions, pneumatic fishing rig, play station controller, and a sewing machine button

Summer 2011 - 2019

FIRST Lego League

Our team has supported our local FIRST Lego League teams in various ways over the years. We have volunteered at FLL events, hosted lab tours, mentored their team.

2012- Present

Senior Citizen Luncheon

Since 2012 Colerain High School has generously invited us to present at their senior citizen luncheon. At the luncheon we demonstrate our most recent years robot, and educate attendees about our robotics programs both FRC and Vex.

2011 - Present

Sophomore Tours

Our robotics team is based out of the Butler Tech Engineering class at Colerain High School. Every year during build season, the program hosts tours for current sophomores at Colerain and Northwest High School. Nearly 500 students per year come through to visit our lab. As part of the presentation current students present their experiences and projects to the new potential students to get them excited about science & technology.

Spring 2012 - Present

Colerain Middle School Career Day

Juniors and Seniors travel to the local middle school to inform students about Career Technical Programs available at the high school, and career opportunities that would follow.

Spring 2012

Brazilian Home Stay

FRC Team 1772

In 2012, our team heard that FRC team 1772 lost sponsorship just before traveling to the Queen City Regional. We offered to let them stay with us for as long as they needed. They stayed for 3 weeks and we shared our busing to the Queen City, and the World Championship. Students from Brazil also shadowed our students in their classes.

Spring 2012 -2014

Local Newspaper Article

We look to utilize local newspapers to spread the word about what we work on in our robotics program.


Assisting other FRC teams in the area

We take pride in supporting our local FRC teams. In recent years we have extended mentor resources to local teams such as:

FRC Team 325 - Respawn Robotics, Butler Tech D.Russel Lee Campus

FRC Team 6084 - SWOOP Robotics, Aiken High School

FRC Team 4284 - SCOTBOT, Oak Hills High School

FRC Team 1038 - Lakota Robotics

1996 World Championship

Chairman's Award Winner

Hall of Fame Class of 1996