Team Structure

Student Lead

Chief Executive Officer (CEO):

To oversee all functions and aspects of the team and keep everyone on task and on schedule. They oversee the other leaders and provide input and support where the team needs it. They also make sure all members are engaged, participating, and having a good experience.

Chief Operations Officer (COO):

To enforce the schedule and deadlines the team has set for itself. They manage day to day operations of the team and make sure everyone is able to stick to their deadlines. They also assist the CEO making sure all members are engaged and working.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO):

Keep track of all things money. They CFO creates and sets a budget for the team, they also enforce the budget and making sure we stay in the black. They take in all donations and make sure they are accounted for in the budget, they are also responsible for payments and purchases.

Chief Technology Officer (CTO):

Keeps track of all the technology of the lab and to research new technologies that may be beneficial to the team. They make sure all the laptops, machinery, 3D Printers, and more function properly.

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO):

To build and maintain the brand identity of the ROCK. They are in charge of all marketing aspects they coordinate shirts, banners, cheer props, pamphlets and handouts. They make sure The ROCK is a recognizable, cohesive brand.

Student Designed

Computer Aided Design Software: Solidworks

Full Robot Assembly

  • Naming Standard Applied to Full Robot

  • Subassemblies

  • Common Parts Library

Drawing Packages

  • Exploded View Assembly Drawings

  • Part Drawings

  • Bill of Materials

Student Built

Manufacturing Processes Learned:

  • Hand Tools

  • Power Tools

  • CNC Mill

  • Manual Lathe

  • Laser Cutter

  • 3D Printing

Electrical Skills Learned

  • Wiring Practices

    • Soldering

    • Crimp Connection

    • Wire Management

  • Electrical Schematic Interpretation

  • Pneumatic Component Applications

  • Electrical Component Applications