Week 7

Feb 20 2021:

Our commercial parts had arrived and we needed to apply paint to them. We set up a paint station behind the machine shop and used fishing line to hang our parts.

Our Programming team worked on LED patterns that would improve the aesthetic of the machine. They found a couple of patterns that they wanted to be triggered by robot functions or sensor feedback depending on the case.

The team collected all of the completed fabricated parts and began assembly. The assembly team referenced the assembly drawings to assist them with prepping mounting hardware and staging electrical components

The game design team continued to refine their game manual to include more detailed descriptions of game elements, and improve the documents overall cohesiveness.

Feb 22 2021:

Feb 23 2021:

Feb 24 2021:

The superintendent and the assistant superintendent from Butler Tech stopped by the lab to check out our progress this year. Our team C.O.O. described this years challenges to Mr. Graft and Mr. Sprankles. The students explained the spirit of FRC “It’s not about who’s the best. It’s about getting better with your team. Gracious Professionalism is what we focus on”

They students went on to describe the technical aspects of the competition and how we are planning to address each of the challenges for this year. Mr. Graft was impressed with our students technical documentation and our senior class presenters. The documentation was so thorough that he mistook it for a professional kit we assembled. Which lead us to the signature comment of "Its not your kids Lego kit anymore."

Feb 25 2021:

We worked through manufacturing our last parts for the intake. We were able to assemble the majority of each sub assembly and now we have started to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Feb 26 2021:

The shooter was attached to the intake system. We worked through settling in the spacing of each of the axels for the intake.

Our bumper numbers came in and we wrapped the fabric around the pool noodles and plywood. We are excited to share our bumper design as part of our reveal

We'll work on getting the mounting brackets for the bumpers manufactured tomorrow.