2022 Week 8

Feb 26 2022:

We connected the upper mechanism assembly to the base of the robot. The assembly is nearly complete besides a few more parts to be manufactured from both the climb and the shooter subassembly.

Feb 27 2022:

We did some much needed maintenance on our bandsaw. We needed to replace the blade and the blade tire. After performing this maintenance the machine operated smoother and it eliminated a high pitch noise. This was originally meant to be part of our preseason maintenance, but was pushed off due to other projects taking priority.

Feb 28 2022:

We were invited to present at the Northwest Local School District Board meeting. Students presented this years robot as part of a demonstration. Students took turns presenting key features of this years design, using visual references from the robot and our team's build blog. Board members were impressed with the students level of technical knowledge, and life skills. We went on to answer questions from the board, and share alumni success stories that date back to the graduating class of 2011. A member of the community from the audience also stepped up to share their perspective of the program, and wanted to highlight the program was more than building a robot.

Board Member Final Comments: https://youtu.be/_eCWwtCBzpw?t=4180

Mar 1 2022:

We completed manufacturing our hooks for climb. We only have one more component to manufacture to complete the climb assembly.

We started our drive practice with two of our potential drivers. We set up basic obstacle courses for them to drive around, and familiar with controls. We choose to mimic patterns we would expect to happen during game play.

With drive practice we also worked on pit crew practice. We set up our pit area as it would be at competition.

Mar 2 2022:

We have continued to work through implementing and troubleshooting programming logic. We are actively looking at creating logic that will index the ball to our designed indexing positions for an optimized shooting procedure.

We also started gathering our materials for judges binders. We created a render of our 3D model for our cover page of our technical binder.

Mar 3 2022:

We worked to implement a ball indexing code that will hold the balls in the desired locations for shooting. The locations are triggered by IR through beam sensor inputs. We also have a color sensor at the front of the robot that will also be able to provide feedback about which color ball our intake collected. Based on the feedback we could direct the ball away from the goal or toward the goal.


Mar 4 2022:

We added drawer liner material for grip to the inside of our hook to dampen our swing on each rung of the climb. Originally we thought to implement heat shrink, but under the load of the weight it would not hold up, and the size of the tubing wasn't ideal. We also worked to add a cable system to pull the latch as a way to release our climb. Our programming team went on to test code for the climb procedure. Once the controls have been verified to be accurate, we can work to automate, and trigger actions with sensors.


March 5th & Beyond

The team continues to refine our robot through testing and drive practice. Some assemblies will continue to be revised as we understand more about the machine, and what will increase its reliability and consistency for competition.

Autonomous programs will also be refined as we learn how to balance the mechanical advantage designed into the system with the inputs and outputs of the controls. We will look to integrate feedback from our Pigeon 2.0 gyro, Absolute Encoders, Limelight, IR Through Beam sensors, color sensor, and integrated digital encoders for each NEO motor.

144 & 325 Pre Pittsburgh Practice Match.MOV