Alumni Spotlight

Victoria Conlin

Class of 2011, Electrical & Programming Team

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Sometimes bad things happen to good phones. Whether it's a cracked screen, water damage or even battery problems, no one wants to have to spend more money on a new device. Victoria Conlin, co-owner of uBreakiFix in Newport and Florence busts some of the myths about phone damage. 

Mitch Revetta

Class of 2011, Mechanical Design Team

 During his time with Team 144, Mitch was a robot driver during the 2011 season.  After graduating from the program, Mitch went onto the University of Cincinnati where he studied Civil Engineering and Environmental Studies. After leaving UC in 2016 with a BS in Civil Engineering and a Minor in Environmental Studies, Mitch relocated to the Washington DC metro area where he now works as a Project Manager for The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company. While working for Whiting-Turner, Mitch’s concentration has been in healthcare including working on a $45mil expansion/renovation and a $150mil new outpatient center.

Adam Baumann

Class of 2012,, Fabrication

2012 Alum Adam Baumann honored the lives lost during 9/11 with the following post:

"Today me and my crew honored the firefighters that lost their lives 18 years ago by going up 110 flights of stairs. It was difficult but I’m so happy I did it. We will never forget 9/11. Rest easy brothers." - Adam Baumann

Very proud of our Alumni setting a great example for our current and future students! Great work Adam! 

Ray Frank

Class of 2012, Mechanical Design , Electrical & Programming Team Lead

Ray was our team's first ever Dean's List Finalist at the Queen City Regional in 2012.  During his time with the team he was our 2011 Logomotion Human Player, 2012 Team Leader, Lead Programmer, and Robot Driver.

Upon graduation he went on to study Mechanical Engineering Technology at the University of Cincinnati. During his time at UC he designed a T-shirt cannon robot along side two member of FRC team 1038 Adam and Anthony Ogg. The trio also worked together with the  university to create a scholarship program for FIRST students. The scholarship is offered to a maximum of 25 FIRST alumni for a one-time scholarship award between $2,000 and $5000. 

Since he graduated in 2012, he has continued to mentor the team. After acquiring his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Technology at the University of Cincinnati he started work as an Engineering Contractor. Following a couple years of industry experience he took over as the Engineering Instructor for Butler Tech 's Colerain Campus. Along with the position he took over the role as lead mentor in the Fall of 2019. 

Ray was also inducted in the WOW Alumni  Hall of Fame in March 2019.

Maiya Carrington 

Class of 2013, Scout Team Lead

Maiya was inspired to join the Navy to become an IT by her instructor Mr.Campbell. She recalls how her mentor emphasized the importance of the IT field was going to grow in the future.

Kyle Rentschler

Class of 2013, Electrical & Programming Team Lead

Kyle used his programming experience with the team to launch his own career into being a software developer. He is a self taught website designer and software developer.

Lorenzo McIntyre

Class of 2014, CAD Designer

Lorenzo helped our team completed its first complete 3D model for the FRC competition in 2014. Since he graduated he went on to join the USAF he has since been promoted to Staff Sergeant McIntyre. He's traveled to 15+ total countries and lived in North Carolina, South Korea, and Germany.

While in Korea, Lorenzo was in a select work center which was responsible for traveling to 6 undisclosed locations across the Korean Peninsula. The mission was to provide secure communications to several military bases across the Korean Peninsula to help protect the lives of 51 million people.

Mick Morris

Class of 2014, CAD Designer, Mechanical Team

Since Mick has graduated from the program, he decided to continue studying Mechanical Engineering Technology at the  University of Cincinnati. 

Upon Graduating from UC, he has landed a job as a Project Engineer at L'Oréal

Tyler Staudigel

Class of 2015,  Programming & Electrical Lead

Tyler was the lead programmer and robot operator for FRC team 144 during the 2014 and 2015 seasons.  Since Tyler has graduated he has earned his B.S in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Northern Kentucky University. Tyler Upon graduating form NKU he has worked for Mazak, Boeing, and Ocado Group. Tyler is currently pursuing his Masters in Engineering / Industrial Management at Ohio University.

Andy Hutslar

Class of 2015, Mechanical Team

Andy was the team CEO for the 2015 season. After graduating, he went on to Purdue University to earn his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Technology and commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the US Air Force. He is currently stationed at Seymour Johnson AFB in North Carolina as an Aircraft Maintenance Officer.

Nolan Schwaeble

 Class of 2015, Mechanical Team & THE Robot Driver

Following graduation Nolan attended the University of Cincinnati where he earned  his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Technology. He completed 5 co-op terms at Makino in the Applications Engineering and the  Integration Engineering departments. As part of his job he would assist in the creation of turnkey machining solutions using CNC mills.  He also assisted in the creation of robotic cells that would allow companies to create a one stop solution for the implementation of robots, conveyor systems, parts washers, and laser engravers. This would accompany a set of CNC milling machines which would allow for a full start to finish system in the creation of CNC machined parts. 

After graduation from UC  he started working at Mazak Corporation as an Applications Engineer.  He specializes in creating turnkey solutions for various CNC machine models. This includes machine testing, creating CNC programs, and tooling solutions for customers who need assistance in creating a part. 


Michail Kartye

Paul Kinne

Luke Westendorf

Darryl Echoles

 Chris Cunningham

Bryson Fry

Rahim Graham

Ben Denoma 

Class of 2017 - Lead Programmer, Driver, and Operator (2016 & 2017)

Ben DeNoma was a three year team member, serving as Lead Programmer and Driver/Operator for FRC Team 144 during the 2016 and 2017 seasons. 

Since graduation, Ben has been studying Mechanical Engineering Technology with a minor in Robotics and Automation at the University of Cincinnati. As part of his curriculum, he has worked co-ops with Bosch Automotive Steering and RA Jones, a global leader in the design and manufacturing of consumer packaging solutions. 

Entering his fourth year as a FIRST Alumni Mentor, Ben enjoys challenges and inspiring young people in STEM by mentoring Programming and Mechanical Design with the team. 

Austin Diesel 

Class of 2017 - CEO, Human Player

After graduating from Colerain in 2017 Austin was hired by Festo to join their Didactic program. It was a two-year program through Sinclair Community College & Festo to earn a degree as a Mechatronics Technician. 

The Didactic program allowed students to do in class learning once a week using Electrical and Mechanical training equipment. The remainder of the week would consist of hands on training at Festo. Austin worked in each department throughout the two-year program to decide what he would want to do full time after he graduated. 

After he graduated from Sinclair, Austin worked in the Facilities department as a Facilities Coordinator. His job responsibilities included filing paper work, writing reports, and keeping up to date on the building expansion. Once he worked in facilities for a few months he decided to move back into hands on work by building air cylinders in the DSNU line. 

After working full time with Festo for about a year he decided to move on and go back to school to further his education in Mechanical Engineering. He is going to complete his Bachelor’s degree through Miami Hamilton starting in the Fall of 2020.

Nick Poulos 

Class of 2017 - COO, CAD Designer / Mechanical Team

After graduating from Colerain in 2017 Nick went on to study Mechanical Engineering Technology at the University of Cincinnati.  During his time at UC he co-oped with Hahn Automation as a Mechanical Engineer Co-op . His job responsibilities included designing and building automated assembly lines for a variety of products such as precise medical equipment & installing car doors on an assembly line. 

His next co-op rotation was spent with GE Aviation as a Manufacturing Engineer. His job responsibilities included troubleshooting and monitoring technical problems on both military and commercial jet engines. 

For his final co-op rotation Nick has decided to join Crane ChemPharma as a Mechanical Design Engineer co-op to work on designing industrial valves for a variety of companies. 

When asked about his experience with  ROCK 144 Nick had to say this:

"My time at Colerain built the foundation of my career, from discovering an honest work ethic through classes and amazing teachers, to discovering my passion for engineering. In short, I owe a lot to my experience at Colerain High School. It made me who I am today and will cherish all of my memories I had there. Go Cards!" 

Dillon Lape

Team Role: 

Post Program Placement: 


Matthew Sparks

Team Role: Machinist

Post Program Placement: Machinist

Career: Machinist, Floturn Inc