Infinite Recharge @ Home

Kyber gets its name from the Kyber crystal found in the Jedi's light saber

KYBER Technical Presentation

The team decided to redesign Kyber for the 2021 game to fit the challenges better than the previous years design. 

2021 Kyber Poster.pdf

Season Results

Infinite Recharge @ Home Judged Awards

Ruthenium Group Finalist

Industrial Design Award Winner

2021 Rambotics Invitational Winner

Ruthenium Group Ranking: 2nd

Galactic Search: 2nd Computed Score: 147.84 

AutoNav: 1st Computed Score: 150

Hyperdrive: 3rd Computed Score:          147.94

Power Port 5th Computed Score: 109.38


Overall Score: 445.78

FIRST @ Home Skills Challenge

Galactic Search: 11.3 Seconds

Galactic Search A 5.72 seconds

Galactic Search B 5.62 seconds

AutoNav:  35.3 Seconds

Barrel Racing 11.81 seconds

Slalom 12.44 seconds

Bounce 11.08 seconds

Hyperdrive Challenge:  51.5 seconds

Barrel Racing 11.25 seconds

Slalom 8.22 seconds

Bounce 9.34 seconds

Lightspeed Circuit 22.74 seconds

Game Design Challenge

Game Design Presentation

Supplemental Information

ROCK 144 Supplemental Information.pdf


Banquet Slides Presentation