Week 2

Jan 14 2023:

Programming team worked on elevator code.

The Intake End Effector team started developing their CAD model based on their intial mock up design

Swerve drive module's began assembly process

Mocked up another varitation of a linear actuator that could work for our arm extension mechanism

Our latest concept we want to pursue is a robot that uses an extended intake and hands off to a linear actuator to place the game piece. The linear actuator will move up and down on the elevator similar to the FRC team 3476 2019 robot.

Jan 16 2023:


Jan 17 2023:

Accumulated prototypes result to convey robot concept to scale

Class of 2020 Alumni - Patrick Slawnyk stopped by the lab to help our team with cutting parts to assemble field elements

Field Element Assembly

Jan 19 2023:

Work session canceled due to Mr.Frank's absence. Next meeting to continue on Saturday 1/21 hosted by Mrs. Arnsperger